Working Hours

Bilim Dental Clinic is a dental clinic serving its patients in Maltepe district of Istanbul with its experienced physicians and state-of-the-art technology devices in a 500 m2 closed area. It uses the latest technology Panoramic (2D) and Tomography (3D) devices of Owandy brand as imaging (X-ray) devices.

In our polyclinic, all procedures for oral and dental health are carried out and our working hours are as follows:















Patients who cannot find time for oral and dental health treatment needs during the day can also receive service in the evening and night hours at our Polyclinic.

Dental clinic open at night!

We provide services until 12 o’clock at night for emergency dental treatments, sudden onset of toothache, on-call dentist needs, routine treatments or for patients who cannot find enough time for dental treatments during the day.

Dentist on call!

In addition to providing services during daytime working hours, our polyclinic also performs on-call dentistry activities from 19:00 in the evening until 24:00 at night.

Open Dental Clinic on Sunday!

Patients who cannot find time for oral and dental health treatments on weekdays and Saturdays can receive services from our dentists between 12:00-20:00 on Sundays. We are able to provide dental treatment services in all areas of dentistry on Sundays. Emergency dental treatment, wisdom tooth extractions, root canal treatment, composite filling procedures, scaling, teeth whitening (bleaching), smile design (Hollywood Smile), Zirconium Coating, Implant Treatments can be performed on Sundays.

A Dental Clinic in Istanbul!

Our polyclinic is located in Maltepe district of Istanbul; In addition to providing dental treatment and emergency dental services to nearby addresses such as Feyzullah Mahallesi, Idealtepe, Altayçeşme, Küçükyalı, Zümrütevler, it provides dental treatment services within working hours by appointment for our patients who want to come from afar.