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Porcelain Dental Veneer

porselen diş kaplama

Porcelain dental treatment is also included among the types of dental decking applied within the scope of dental cosmetics. Porcelain dental veneer, which is an aesthetic solution for some dental disorders that negatively affect your appearance, of course, cannot be applied to every patient. After the examination, the porcelain veneer process is decided and its basic principle is to beautify the appearance of aesthetically problematic front teeth by gluing porcelain veneers that are very thin.

The robust structure and stable color of the dental laminates used for the appearance of porcelain teeth are ideal for adding natural beauty and restoring natural functions. Veneers are made of porcelain, these materials are translucent. The preparation stage and application of teeth, which are extremely fragile without bonding, require a lot of attention. In porcelain veneers carefully placed on the tooth, a perfect fit and a firm connection are provided, since the front and outer faces of the tooth are glued with a special resin (Decal adhesive). In this way, the patient has a smile that is beyond expectations both while reaching comfortable use and aesthetically.

How is Porcelain Dental Application Done?

As with all dental veneer applications, the first important point in porcelain dental application is the stage of deciding whether the treatment is suitable for the patient. At this stage, a decision is made after a doctor’s examination and treatment is started if suitability is in question. So how is the porcelain tooth application done? The stages of porcelain dental veneer application are as follows;

At the first stage, the measurements of the tooth to be covered with porcelain are taken.
In order for the porcelain veneers to be placed perfectly, the teeth are made compatible with the veneer. Tooth cutting can be performed at this stage.
Porcelain veneer is designed and prepared in a laboratory environment.
The resulting coating is applied to the teeth or teeth, the teeth or teeth that have been measured.
Advantages of Porcelain Dental Veneer
Although the treatment of various ailments comes to the fore within the scope of oral and dental health, another point that is considered and important for patients is aesthetic appearance. Porcelain teeth, by the design they have, meet patient expectations in the best way, while at the same time bringing with them many advantages. If it is necessary to consider in more detail, the advantages of porcelain dental Decking include;

Porcelain teeth, which have an extremely robust structure after being glued to the tooth, are suitable for use for many years.
Unlike many dental treatments, it is one of the procedures with the shortest treatment time.
Porcelain teeth, which we can define as a price performance product, are the type of coating most often preferred by those who are looking for an aesthetic appearance at an affordable price.

When is a Porcelain Tooth Coating Necessary?

We use laminate veneers when we want to aesthetically change the appearance of the teeth. When considered in more detail, the cases in which porcelain tooth coating is required are as follows;

In cases where teeth have failed to correct advanced changes in tooth color and structure, including staining due to the use of antibiotics or fluoride during the developmental stage of teeth under whitening procedures,
In cases where it is desired to close the gap between the teeth(Decapitation of the diastema),
In order to restore broken or worn teeth,
In the repair of old fillings whose color and structure have changed,
In order to correct disoriented or crooked teeth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment)
Smile design is considered necessary in treatments.
Patients of all ages can benefit from laminate treatment in the above-mentioned complaints and situations. However, the appropriateness of the treatment should be questioned in patients with jaw disorders, severe gum damage, nail eating, pen chewing and paraphunctional habits. The decision on this issue is at the initiative of the dentist.


Who Can Have Porcelain Teeth Made?

It is possible for people of all ages to have porcelain teeth within the scope of cases where porcelain tooth coating is deemed necessary. However, the issue of having dental veneers at a young age can create a question mark in most patients. Although the professional treatment to be applied does not pose any problems for the patient, it can be applied to those over the age of 18.

In addition, those who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment but have teeth that have lost their shape, those with broken or discolored teeth, those who have lost teeth or teeth for various reasons, patients who have caries problems that cannot be applied to standard filling can have porcelain teeth.

How Long is the Life of Porcelain Plated Teeth?

Among the types of dental Decking, the most frequently researched topic of those who prefer porcelain teeth is how long is the life of a porcelain tooth? there are questions. In this context, with the right oral and dental care, laminate veneers can be used for many years without problems. Laminate veneers are more resistant to staining and abrasion because they are made of porcelain, which has superior properties compared to other adhesive (bonding) systems.

Of course, in order to be used for longer life, attention should be paid to oral hygiene and extra care should be taken. However, in order to prevent damage to the coatings, it is recommended that patients stay away from undesirable habits such as consuming hard foods and eating nails. You can contact our dental clinic for information about porcelain tooth application details and porcelain tooth prices.