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Smile Design

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Although the first treatments that come to mind when it comes to oral and dental health are the solution of dental problems, patients have an expectation beyond these treatments. Patients who want treatments to respond to their aesthetic needs as well as the functional aspect have been turning to smile design applications in recent years. Mouth and dental problems are eliminated with smile aesthetics designed according to the patient’s needs and face shape, while at the same time the patient will have a perfect smile.

Smile aesthetic treatments can be applied to people with deformities and deep caries in their teeth, and are especially recommended for patients with color and/or shape abnormalities. It is considered the best treatment for a long-lasting, healthy and radiant smile.

Since aesthetic smile is designed digitally on the latest technology devices, it becomes possible to see the smile that best suits the person’s face and jaw shape. Thanks to the treatments, also known as digital smile design, smile design is presented to the patient in the clearest way before and after, and the final design of the smile is decided on the screen in accordance with patient expectations.

What is Smile Design?

All the treatments performed in order to bring the teeth and surrounding tissues, whose aesthetics are impaired for different reasons, to an aesthetic appearance according to the patient’s needs and face shapes, what is smile design? it can be given in answer to the question. Also known as the Hollywood smile, various treatments can be applied for an aesthetically and perfect smile in every sense.

In general, aesthetic smile design, which aims at an aesthetic and completely natural smile, covers many treatments because it is a multidisciplinary approach. Patients benefit from Hollywood smile aesthetic treatments for various problems such as abnormal color change, missing teeth and irregular appearance of teeth, especially disfigurement and disproportion observed in the teeth and gums.


How is Smile Design Done?

Many patients who are expecting an aesthetic smile, how is the smile design done? he does research on his subject. How the process progresses, the duration of treatment or whether the process is comfortable are some of the points of interest.

First of all, we should note that this process is different for each patient. Before many problems in the teeth and gums are treated, the dentist examines the patient and creates an important set of analyses about the treatment process. As a result of these analyses, the steps that should be followed for smile design are as follows;

In the first step, the patient’s teeth and face analysis are performed. At this stage, it is determined which treatment process will be followed so that the patient can have the smile he wants.
As a result of the analyses performed, a design is planned taking into account the patient’s expectations.
By using smile design programs, the patient’s smile design is easily displayed in the digital environment before treatment.
With the joint approval of the dentist and the patient, the final version of the smile design is decided. Thus, the planning stage is completed.
An appointment is made so that the designed smile can be applied to the patient.
The smile design takes an average of 7 days to complete. However, it is not possible to give a clear time since a different procedure will be performed for each patient. Some patients may need to wait for the healing process in order to solve problems in the gums or other teeth. Since this improvement differs individually, it can be difficult to provide clear information about smile design, duration and in terms of smile design price.
After the smile design process is completed, it is very important to follow the dental care rules recommended by the dentist. Thus, the designed smile can be preserved for a long time and patient satisfaction can be ensured.

Treatments Applied in Smile Design

Since smile design is a multidisciplinary approach, it covers many treatments. These treatments are applied together according to the needs of the patient. If it is necessary to Decipher in detail, among the treatments applied in smile design are;

Porcelain veneers
Dental implants
Crowns and bridges
Tooth Bleaching
Taking into account many criteria, teeth, gums and jaw structures, with treatments that will ensure that they are harmonized with the shape of the face;

Carious and broken teeth are treated.
According to the needs, coating operations are performed to strengthen the tooth structure.
Dental complications are regulated with orthodontic treatments.
The smile line is determined.
The misalignment of the teeth or the dimensions of the teeth are made compatible with the mouth and face.
The proportions of teeth and gums are adjusted and pulled to the appropriate level.
Teeth, gums and lips are harmonized with smile.
How Do I Know If I Need a Smile Design?
If you think you need a smile design, you can have an aesthetic smile that will meet your expectations with the dental smile design department. If you want to correct the following criteria, you can be a smile design candidate;

Discoloration of teeth
Broken or cracked teeth
Non-sequential teeth
“Gummy” smile (too much appearance of gums)
Missing or spaced teeth
Refills and old repairs of crowns
Disproportionate smile with facial features and lips in general

Is The Smile Design Permanent?

Patients who want to have a smile design usually want to know about the permanence of the procedures. But the first point that needs to be known is that this process does not involve only a single treatment application. Due to the combination of various applications, it is hardly possible to provide Decipherable information about the permanence of the process. The reason for this is that the permanence of smile design is determined according to the procedures performed.

To give an example, the permanence of applications such as porcelain veneer or zirconium veneer preferred in treatment depends on how they are used and how the care is performed. The most important point that you should pay attention to about the permanence of the smile design is regular checks. You should definitely go to your dentist every 6 months and have the necessary examinations. In this way, you can extend the usage period of all transactions.

Who Can Smile Design Be Made For?

Smile aesthetics, also known as digital smile design, can be applied to every patient who is not happy with his smile, even though he does not have any oral and dental health problems. With the dental smile design made, the patient can have a perfect smile and refresh his self-confidence at the same time.

Of course, safeguarding oral and dental health and eradicating existing issues are also goals that are taken into consideration when creating a design that meets the criteria for a Hollywood smile. For this reason, smile design, which should be considered holistically, is applied to people with oral and dental health problems in addition to their aesthetic needs.