Dental Prosthesis

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Missing teeth in the mouth are a negative condition for the patient both functionally and aesthetically. While patient expectations are met with dental prosthesis applications applied for missing and dysfunctional teeth, problems experienced at the oral and dental health point are minimized at the same time. The types of prosthetic teeth have been developed for different needs and the problem of missing teeth is successfully eliminated with the new generation of dental prosthetics and applications. You can get detailed information by contacting our clinic for prosthetic applications, also known as dentures, and prosthetic tooth prices.

What is a Dental Prosthesis?

The patient, for any reason, loses gums, teeth and surrounding tissues, or these tissues may be damaged. In case of tooth and tissue loss or damage, prosthetic dental application is performed. In relation to this treatment, which is often applied to patients, what is a dental prosthesis or what is a prosthetic dental treatment? he does research.

Prosthetics are procedures aimed at completing the missing area of the patient and restoring the chewing function of the patient. It is produced separately for each patient and the application can be applied to a single tooth or the entire jaw. The goal is to protect the patient’s existing teeth. Since everyone’s tooth color is different, dentures are produced according to the patient’s tooth color. Thus, by obtaining the closest tooth color to natural teeth, a situation that bothers the patient aesthetically does not occur.

How is a Prosthetic Tooth Made?

One of the first questions asked during the treatment process for patients with missing teeth is how to make a prosthetic tooth? is happening. Within the scope of oral and dental health, every application is extremely important and you should visit a dentist who is a specialist in his field for perfect use. At the initial examination stage, the dentist first examines your missing teeth and takes into account the patient’s use when deciding which prosthesis is needed, which is the best denture.

After deciding on the appropriate prosthesis, the process begins and the treatment continues for an average of several sessions. First, the necessary operations are performed and existing complaints are eliminated. Then the measurement of the teeth is taken and a suitable environment is prepared inside the mouth for the prosthesis. According to the preferred type of prosthesis, the placement of the prosthesis is performed with the prosthetic adhesive and various equipment.


Advantages of Prosthetic Teeth

Since oral and dental health is directly related to general body health, missing or dysfunctional teeth do not only affect oral and dental health. In addition to basic life functions such as speaking, chewing, healthy nutrition, dental prosthesis applications provide many convenience for an aesthetically flawless smile. In this context, among the advantages of prosthetic Decongestant;

It eliminates various functional problems caused by the loss of a large number of teeth or all of the teeth.
In addition to the functional advantages, it promises a flawless smile by providing a complete dental appearance.
Due to its structure and appearance, prosthetic teeth can be used like natural teeth.
After the adjustment process, the patient can use his dentures comfortably.
Prosthetic tooth prices have a wide range that can appeal to every budget.

What are the Types of Prosthetic Teeth?

The types of prostheses are generally divided into fixed and mobile. A fixed dental prosthesis is a prosthesis that a person cannot remove voluntarily, while a movable dental prosthesis can be inserted and removed by the patient. If it is necessary to consider in detail the types of prosthetic teeth that differ in terms of application and usage patterns;

The Complete Dentures

Dentures of this type of denture are designed with the help of upper and lower tissues and placed in the patient’s mouth. In this method, the cheeks and lips are also supported with the help of a prosthesis. With the filling of the inside of the mouth, wrinkles on the face are minimized and a plump appearance is achieved. At the same time, a more beautiful smile is achieved thanks to the aesthetic harmony of the teeth.

Dentures that Hold with Sensitivity

If the treatment cannot be performed with a fixed prosthesis and there is a missing tooth, dental prostheses that hold with precision are used. In this method, sockets for teeth are prepared and holders are placed. This method is commonly referred to as a “dating” prosthesis.

Prostheses with Hooks

This type of treatment is preferred if the patient cannot use a fixed prosthesis for any reason.

The prosthesis is attached with the help of teeth and a ring in the front part of the missing tooth area. It provides easy use by getting support from the teeth. During this process, patients should pay attention to the following issues;

Dental examinations should be performed regularly.
After the prostheses are removed, they should be cleaned and disinfected.
It should be taken into account that hot water can damage the prosthesis.
It has a fragile, that is, fragile structure.

How is Prosthetic Tooth Cleaning Performed?

It is important that prosthetic teeth are always clean, regardless of the types and the material they are produced from.Jul. For this reason, the first issue that should be considered when performing prosthetic tooth cleaning is that detailed cleaning is performed regularly. In addition, what needs to be considered in denture October cleaning varies depending on the type of denture. The need for cleaning in mobile dental prostheses and fixed dental prostheses should be met in different ways.

Cleaning in fixed dental prostheses is similar to the care of a person’s real teeth. It is necessary to brush at least twice a day, use an interface brush and dental floss for cleaning. For mobile dental prostheses, it is recommended that patients wash their prostheses with plenty of water after each meal. In addition, since mobile prostheses are removable and removable, it is important to soak them in water at night and clean them with special cleaning tablets at least twice a week.