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E-Max Dental Veneer

e-max diş kaplama

Anyone who needs to have veneers on their teeth may remain undecided in the face of the methods offered. The dentist may offer different options to the patient after the examination. Or he can also determine the treatment he deems necessary himself. However, the most well-known and preferred method for designing a natural, transparent and firm smile in dental veneer is e-max dental veneer.

With the method of its construction and the result it gives, it has become a favorite of many people. For a variety of colors, compatibility with dental structure, longevity and natural aesthetic appearance, e-max coating contains all the advantages you are looking for.

What is E-Max Coating?

Among the dental coating options, E-max, which gives a combination of strength and aesthetics, has a lithium Decilicate glass material, which is an all-ceramic system. Decilicate glass material. From an aesthetic point of view, it gives a realism above the expected. By placing porcelain on it in this method, it can give incredible results in light transmittance. It is a dental coating that matches the most realistic appearance on natural teeth as well.

According to other dental veneers, the teeth are not completely cut or reduced in E-max porcelain veneers. Thinning is performed from the front part of the tooth to a maximum of 1.5 millimeters. For this reason, it is a dental veneer method that is performed without damaging healthy and natural teeth.

How is E-max Dental Veneer Done?

Emax coating also actually involves a process similar to other treatments. Measurements are taken from patients before the procedure. However, the workmanship of the dental technician in the laboratory along with the dentist is also important here.

According to patient complaints, the necessary pre-examination measures are taken. In the treatment of E-max dental veneers, complaints generally include separation, fracture and wear on the front teeth. During pre-treatment, measurements are also taken from teeth with such problems. These measurements are transferred to the digital environment and transmitted to the laboratory. teeth will be sent to dental clinics in solid form within 3-5 days. If they are uncomfortable with the image during this time, they can use temporary teeth.

A rehearsal is also carried out before the fixing process of the emax coatings from the laboratory. Biting, talking, chewing attempts are made. The patient becomes decisive at the point of making retouches by specifying the most comfortable condition. When it comes to the ideal, the coatings are fixed.


In Which Cases Is E-max Applied?

E-max dental veneer is generally preferred more in certain cases.

On yellowed and stained teeth
In broken teeth
In teeth with curvature
On teeth that have undergone root canal treatment

Is E-Max Better Than Zircon Coating?

There may be a lot of options in front of you in dental veneer. The most you will undoubtedly hear the name of will be zirconium and emax. It can be difficult to make a choice between the two.Dec. Because both can be preferred for teeth that have been damaged with dental separation, broken teeth, rotten or yellowed teeth. They perform the same function.

E-max dental also offers first-class results for zirconium dental crowns. But although both are suitable for single tooth application, the dentist may need to evaluate the condition for multiple teeth.

E-max has a more transparent view on the difference. It adds natural and firmness. It is the preference of people who want to design a smile. We can say that the only difference between it and zirconium is that the emax Decongestant is more transparent.

E-max does not show allergic reactions due to its lack of metal content. After the procedure, it also does not cause such appearances as bruising on the edges of the gums. It also does not harm the dental structure. Thanks to the light transmittance, it is natural and does not create a matte appearance.

It shows slipperiness due to the fact that it is in a transparent structure. This also prevents the formation of tartar in a significant amount.

E-max Dental Veneer Prices

As with every tooth coating process, there will be single and multiple tooth options for e-max. This depends on the patient’s dental problems. The dentist determines the damaged or necessary teeth during the preliminary examination and takes measurements. He can also apply other supportive treatments if he deems necessary.

Therefore, accurate and detailed information about the prices of e-max dental veneers may be determined after the preliminary examination to be performed.