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Zirconium Dental Veneer

zirkonyum diş kaplama

There are different materials for the coating process of teeth. Dental veneers vary by quality or processing method at the point of patients’ needs and aesthetic demands. Zirconium is also a type of coating known as crown. It is used mostly for aesthetic purposes. It also differs from others in terms of its operation. It can be applied directly to missing tooth areas or on the tooth. If it is for aesthetic purposes, the reduction process is applied on the teeth. It has also been a preferred application for front teeth in general. They harmonize with the gum, a natural appearance is provided. However, you should also care for these teeth with the same sensitivity as our natural teeth.

What is Zirconium?

There are two different types of dental coatings, metal-containing and non-containing. As the name suggests, we know zirconium coating as a coating produced from zirconium. The main ingredient is zirconium dioxide, which is cooked in special ovens and made into zirconium ceramics. It is a white colored alloy. Shortly, it is a type of white metal used instead of the gray metal used in classical porcelain making.It has a solid form that is difficult to break or crack. At the same time, it is also resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Where is Zirconium Used?

Zirconium does not occur spontaneously in nature. It is a solid alloy with a white and grayish color. Although it can be explosive in its raw form at high temperatures, zirconium oxide used in dentistry can be made suitable for processing by baking. Although it is used in different sectors in its raw form, it can also be used in the dental field in its oxide form.

Zirconium veneers are used in aesthetic dentistry; in the construction of crowns on old filled graying teeth with structural defects and excessive material loss, on back teeth, in the design of implant-supported dental prostheses and smile aesthetics, as bridges or crowns.

We can also say that it is the most popular dental veneer application today. It gives people the teeth they dream of with both whiteness and aesthetic appearance.

In Which Case Are Zirconium Coatings Used?
Sometimes people may not get the desired result from bleaching or aesthetics. Whitening methods are not enough, when other applications are not recommended for aesthetic appearance on teeth, the advantages provided by zirconium oxide are taken advantage of. This method is used on teeth in the following cases;

Separated or crooked teeth
Tooth Discoloration or structure
Teeth that have been materially lost and need restorative procedures
Aesthetic smile design
Creating a bridge or coating on the back teeth
Implant-based prosthesis procedures on front teeth
Teeth with a turned structure

What are the Aesthetic Advantages of Zirconium Crowns?

Zirconium, which offers advantages in itself, has the ability to transmit light. Thus, it gives the appearance of natural teeth. Since there is no metal coating, it also fits more easily with the gum. It is also one of the most ideal applications for those who are allergic to metal.

After the application, people do not have sensitivity to hot and cold. It does not cause odor formation in the mouth.

The dentin layer of the teeth completely transmits light. The metals used in classical porcelain create an opaque appearance on the teeth. This causes the pale and artificial appearance of the teeth. This is prevented thanks to zirconium crowns. You will have shiny and white teeth, not dull teeth.

How is Zirconium Coating Applied?

The problem in the tooth is detected by the dentist before the application. Regional anesthesia is also applied to the patient in order to make the procedure suitable. Thus, no pain is felt during the procedures. At this stage, the teeth are then reduced to a suitable size for zirconium application. When the teeth are a little small and the gums become healthy again, delicate traces are taken with the interaction materials and measuring spoons that are suitable for the mouth.

The zirconium of the appropriate color prepared by the doctor with measurements is prepared in the laboratory environment. It may take 3-5 days to prepare. At this stage, temporary teeth are inserted until the veneers are ready. When the veneers are ready, if the patient approves with this form, the temporary teeth are removed. The process is carried out with porcelain superstructure manual workmanship. The crown is glued to the tooth. Finally, it is permanently adapted to the tooth with special adhesives. The procedure does not end with this, but is checked by the dentist at December intervals.

Is There an Age Limit on Zirconium Plating?

It can be done for anyone of any age. It is not only done to children who have not yet completed their development. If there is a young person who is at the age of development, it is expected that the dental structure will completely fall into place here. Apart from this, it can also be done to every teenager who has completed his/her development.