Spec. Dentist Zeynep Ece Okur

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Hello! I am Specialist Dt. Zeynep Ece OKUR, I am a pedodontist who works with great passion and dedication for children’s oral health. I graduated from Yeditepe University with High Honor Degree in 2022 and continued my education with the doctoral program at Istanbul University, Department of Pedodontics, where I am currently continuing.

My professional memberships include the Turkish Dental Association, Aesthetic Dentistry Academy Association and Turkish Pedodontics Association.

Additionally, some of the courses, congresses and symposiums I attended in order to follow the developments in my field and increase my knowledge are as follows:

TDB 25th International Dentistry Congress, Istanbul
Dentistry and Cardiology, Bleeding Management, Prof.Dr. Sadi Güleç
EDAD Training Seminar: Solutions for New Generation Endodontics, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mustafa Gündoğar
Young EDAD Symposium, Eskişehir
EDAD Training Seminar: Dental Volumetric Tomography, Dr. Sinan Horasan
TDB 26th International Dentistry Congress, Istanbul
EDAD 26th International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress
EDAD Training Seminar: Adhesion Up to Date, Prof.Dr.Esra Can Eroğlu, Prof.Dr. Sema Belli, Prof.Dr. Hande Şar Sancaklı
TDB Istanbul Meeting
NuSmile Aesthetic Crowns in Pedodontics, Prof.Dr.Zafer Çehreli
NuSmile Pulp Treatments in Pedodontics, Prof. Dr. Zafer Çehreli
2023 International Congress of Contemporary Pediatric Dentistry
International Turkish Pedodontic Association Congress, Ankara
Pediatric MTA Applications with Case Examples, Dr.Uğur Tokay
Zirconia Crown and Stainless Steel Crown Applications in Pediatric Dentistry, Dr.Alp Abidin Ateşçi

I am very happy to contribute to children having a healthy smile with my professional service.