Dt. Tolga Mavigöz

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Dr. Tolga Mavigöz graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2022, and he also completed a degree in Radio and Television Programming as a second major. Dr. Tolga Mavigöz provides services in the fields of restorative/aesthetic dentistry, gum treatments, root canal treatments, smile design, zirconium/metal-supported porcelain crowns, bridges, laminates, E-max, implant-supported prosthetics, and teeth whitening.

Dr. Tolga Mavigöz is an expert in dentistry with extensive years of education and practical experience. His graduation from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry serves as evidence of his academic competence in the field. During his studies, he demonstrated exceptional achievements and disciplined work, emphasizing his passion and expertise in the profession.

Completing a degree in Radio and Television Programming showcases his ability to merge dentistry with the media world. This skill allows him to excel in communication and interpersonal relationships, enabling him to establish a warm and trustworthy connection with his patients. Through compassionate communication, he conveys treatment processes to his patients, fostering their confidence in the treatment journey.

Dr. Tolga Mavigöz specializes particularly in restorative/aesthetic dentistry. He excels in creating smile designs for patients with aesthetic concerns, achieving natural and beautiful smiles that boost their self-confidence significantly.

His sensitivity in gum treatments has earned him the trust of patients with gum-related issues. Using modern techniques and innovative methods, he strives to provide the most effective outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Tolga Mavigöz also successfully performs complex procedures such as root canal treatments, ensuring his patients experience painless and comfortable procedures. His patience and attention to detail enable him to complete intricate treatment processes successfully.

Additionally, he is an expert in advanced esthetic restorations, utilizing techniques like zirconium/metal-supported porcelain crowns, bridges, laminates, and E-max. These cutting-edge approaches allow him to provide high-quality and durable treatments to his patients.

Regarding implant-supported prosthetics, his knowledge and experience enable him to offer the best solutions for patients with missing teeth, ensuring functional and aesthetic improvements in their daily lives.

Dr. Tolga Mavigöz’s expertise in teeth whitening enhances his patients’ smiles, making their teeth whiter and brighter, ultimately bringing out the best in their smiles.

With his passion for the profession and dedication to continuous professional development, Dr. Tolga Mavigöz is recognized as a reputable and reliable dentist in the region. He prioritizes creating the most suitable treatment plans for his patients, aiming to preserve their long-term dental health and provide them with healthy and beautiful smiles.