Dt. Doğukan Cem Nuraltan

  • Phone: +90 530 682 04 94
  • E-Mail: info@bilimclinic.com
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I am a physician who attaches importance to patient satisfaction, can easily communicate with my patients and make them feel a sense of trust.

I have a very good command of English, I can easily communicate with my patients in English when necessary.

I am experienced with 3D scanner systems, I can easily provide the necessary workflow.

I can easily control the patient flow by making full mouth ceramic, laminate veneer, zirconium and metal porcelain cuts.

I am experienced in implant prostheses. I have worked with occlusal screw, multi unit and cemented. I have worked with Straumann, Medentika, Zinedent, Mis Seven brands for a long time. I have applied all of them to my patients, from single member to All-on-Four systems with Toronto infrastructure.

I routinely perform adhesive restorations such as inlay, onlay, overlay, endocuron.

I perform endodontic treatments without any problems. I routinely perform root canal treatment on molars using Rubberdam. I also perform retreatment in the same way.

I can perform extractions with complications, I can remove the tooth by removing the bone and separating the tooth when necessary.