Dt. Cem Karaman

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  • E-Mail: info@bilimclinic.com
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Born on 18.12.1970 in Malatya, Dr. Cem KARAMAN graduated from Dicle University Faculty of Dentistry in 1997.

Dr. Cem Karaman is a pioneer in the field of dentistry with 25 years of experience. He has earned the trust of countless patients over many years and provided them with health services.

Dr. Cem KARAMAN provides services in root canal treatment, zirconium porcelain crown, aesthetic porcelain, oral care, dental filling, aesthetic filling, dentist, gum aesthetics, bridge applications, teeth bleaching, aesthetic dentistry applications and smile design.

His professional approach and patient-oriented service approach make his patients feel comfortable and safe. He informs its patients during each treatment process, communicates transparently about treatment options, and creates the most appropriate treatment plan for their needs. Dr. Cem Karaman is a professional who has left an important mark in the field of dentistry with his 25 years of experience. He aims to provide a personalized service to each of his patients, ensuring that they have a healthy smile and optimal oral and dental health.