Dentist Şule Gündoğan Orhan

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Dt Şule Gündoğan Orhan
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Born in Istanbul on 18.07.1996, Dt. Şule Gündoğan Orhan graduated from Ordu University Faculty of Dentistry with honors and a certificate in 2021.

It provides services in the fields of root canal treatment, anterior aesthetic composite restorations, posterior composite restorations, smile design, gum disease treatment, tooth whitening, laminate restorations, zirconium and porcelain crown bridge prostheses, removable prostheses, tooth extractions, implants and implant-supported prostheses.

Training and certifications
*Expodental 26th Dentistry Congress
*Mediateam 14th Dentistry Congress
*Laminate Veneer, Dr.Dt. Şule Ünal
*Basic Implantology, Prof.Dr. Bahadır Kan
*Implant Prosthesis, Prof.Dr. Hakan Akın
*Advanced Implantology, Prof.Dr. Sertan Ergun
*Masterclass Implant Surgery, Prof.Dr. Sertan Ergun
*Soft Tissue Surgery Around Implants, Prof.Dr. Seckin Ertuğrul